Software/App Development

Duxte is one of the most trusted software companies in Tanzania that offers customized software solutions to organizations, proven to increase efficiency and transparency in operations while reducing the paperwork and man hours significantly. The experienced team of skilled analysts and developers involve themselves minutely in the project - from conceptualization to completion - creating readily deployable systems apart from providing long-term tech support to ensure optimal usage of the applications by our clients. 

Desktop Application Development: 
At Duxte, we develop platform specific as well cross-platform desktop apps that improve your business’s productivity. We use latest technology to create desktop applications that work seamlessly, synchronizing all your content, even while working offline. These custom mobile applications simplify your business operations, streamlining the underlying processes effectively to increase the efficiency.

Database Design and Development: 
A database is not just a collection of information and tables, but also the backbone of a well-managed organization. In fact, developing and maintaining a logical and well-structured database is an essential IT requirement for every company. At Duxte, we employ conceptual and logical design modeling to develop an efficient information architecture for your company, to make sure your day-to-day operations run smoothly. 

Web Application Development: 
Scalable custom web applications can integrate with your existing software, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. However, each business is unique and considerable time and skill are required to understand the specific needs of each company to create a custom web application that is user-friendly, scalable, well-performing and secure. At Duxte, we solve your business problems through innovative web applications that give you the edge over the competition in the marketplace.

Benefits of the services provided 
Duxte offers custom software development solutions that benefit you in the following ways: 

- Increased operational efficiency
- Higher profitability and system security
- Enhanced user experience
- Professional and timely service delivery at an affordable price

Duxte is one of the top software companies in Tanzania and the trusted IT partner of several leading big and mid-sized organizations. 

Why Duxte?
Duxte is a trusted IT and web application development company in Tanzania that prides itself on efficient service and happy customers. Since 2011, the company has serviced over [number] clients, forging long-term relationships with businesses – big and small – across the country. 
We employ the top talent in the industry and focus on continuous learning in the organization to make sure our services are up to date with the latest technology and systems.

How We Differ from Our Competitors?
Duxte is a technology company with a difference. Here, at Duxte, we value human relationships more than anything else. Our aim is to solve our clients’ business problems through innovative solutions using proven methods and technologies that deliver. We provide a bouquet of IT services including software/app/web/database design and development solutions through professionals at an affordable cost.