Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity is the persona of your brand. The brand is the personification of the company. The company logo and corporate identity – your brand – are the primary visual and emotional tools used to connect with your target audience, that is, prospective clients. It should not only identify the products and services of your company, but also differentiate it from your competitors. It should clearly convey the company’s purpose and values, confirming its credibility. It’s the first stepping stone in your marketing communication, so it needs to be carefully developed.

Duxte offers a range of corporate identity services which can be enjoyed individually or as a package. We initiate Brand Design services that begin with brainstorming consulting session with your nominated Project Manager and in-house Web Designer. Our team will assemble several options and positioning strategies for you to choose from at each step of the process. With our experience, professional designers, and your feedback, we will create a corporate identity that will get you noticed. Our projects invariably start with research of your business, core competency, your industry, competition and target/niche audience — these are the factors that we take into account when proposing various design ideas for you to choose from. We design with brand recognition in mind while our extensive research will make sure your brand will be both unique and appealing to the target audience.

Duxte creates beautiful identity design solutions that accurately portray your identity. Fully understanding that effective corporate identity allows your audience to experience a profound sense of belonging with your values, your purpose, and your mission.Our brand development services include:

  • Logo design (wordmark and/or icon)
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Branding package (stationery and more)

A successful brand and supporting campaign will create trust between your company and your customers and compel people to come back. With increased credibility, you can count on your website having higher conversions.

No two businesses are alike. Our design team will help you find your unique identity and translate it in an unforgettable way to the business world via logos, stationery, signage, and the like.  Duxte is another name for excellence. Creating a distinct identity for your company is the cornerstone of our branding campaign.It makes your company and business stand out from the others in the fray, in fact differentiates it. With definite corporate identity defined the competitors are sure to take notice of the same. It will definitely leave a long lasting impression on the client.