Our Videography and Photography Services

As we carry on with our mundane life on a never-ending road filled with the responsibilities of a day-to-day existence, we often forget that there is more along the way than just bills to pay, phone calls to return, and errands to run. We forget that a heart is like a garden that needs to be tended to and nourished with love and care. There are people in our lives who need to be hugged. Some of our close ones need their accomplishments to be noticed and praised. For all such occasions, Duxte Videography and Photography services is the ultimate choice. For, we believe that no bride should have to compromise on her wedding day. No special day to be missed out without snapped some pictures. Your wedding dreams are possible.


The finest wedding photo journalists are entertainers. Duxte has been capturing memories for over 5 years through their professional photography and videography services. Our team will never miss an opportunity to capture all important moments of the event. Call us for all weddings, conferences, events and every other occasion. With a great variety of different video and photography packages to choose from, there is sure a package with your name on it.

For wedding bookings, we offer many more services along with it. Taking pride in your choice we will ensure that your event and memories are captured beautifully. We offer our services across Tanzania. We can offer both traditional or unique themed wedding experience. This includes wedding photo booths and more to make you feel special. Our packages are so designed that when you choose a combination package of photography and videography, the possibility of mistakes are almost ironed out and the wedding planner has to deal with lesser number of people involved.

Whenever there are such moments to capture, do call us for free quotes and book our services for a professional and beautiful experience. We need to remember that we also need time and day to pamper ourselves and our special and most dearly loved ones clicking pictures with them and recording all such memories for posterity.